Text Box: (Excerpted from FPL  brochure)
The Franklin Public Library is considered America’s first public library .In 1778, when the town was incorporated, the designated name Exeter was changed to Franklin in honor of Dr. Benjamin Franklin. In return Franklin was asked to donate a bell for the town’s church steeple. Acknowledging that “sense” was preferable to “sound”, Dr Franklin responded with an offer of (books for the use of the town’s residents.  When the volumes arrived, a great controversy arose over who should be allowed to use them. On November 20th, 1790, those attending Franklin’s town meeting voted to lend the books to all Franklin residents free of charge. This vote established the Franklin collection as the first public library in the United States. The original Franklin collection is still housed in a book case in the circulation department.
(about 1/2 mile from the Shire)

Just inside the main entrance you will find a fine selection of  ethnic cookbooks, cookbooks by some of the most notable master chefs, books on various cooking techniques from simple home style to gourmet specialties, books with recipes for various diets and several baskets of vintage pamphlets


Customers find many interesting titles among our train books, and they  thoroughly enjoy hearing the  whistles of approaching trains which they can be plainly seen as they pass by the Shire. A train trip from Boston takes about 45 minutes and the Franklin station is about 1/4 mile from the shop. The trains go by on a regular schedule